9/2015 Taxi drivers sue Florida over Uber rules

9/8/2015 Broward County: Restarting the rideshare revolution

9/7/2015 Is Uber following Florida law, or breaking it? State agencies still won’t say

8/28/2015 Enova Network and Tappxi Florida, Broward Licensed TNCs, present County Commissioners with proposal allowing UBER to start operating immediately

8/23/2015 Uber, Lyft appear to be in South Florida to stay

8/18/2015 Palm Beach County backtracks on new rules for Uber

8/12/2015 Uber to come back to Broward County?

8/7/2015 Uber’s biggest foe in Broward County explains his stance

8/6/2015 Broward mayors: We want Uber back

8/6/2015 Commissioner proposes plan to bring Uber back to Broward County

8/4/2015 Uber: Suspending service in Broward lost drivers $400,000

7/27/2015 UberUP initiative launches in South Florida

7/27/2015 Your Uber ride down to Broward County could be illegal

7/22/2015 Uber Pulls Out of Broward County; Flap Ensues

7/22/2015 Could Uber leave Palm Beach County over tougher rules?

7/20/2015 Palm Beach County worker stands by opposition to new Uber rules

7/20/2015 Uber strikes back

7/20/2015 Taxi firms’ new TV ad calls for the same checks for Uber drivers

7/16/2015 Taxi firms unhappy with new plan for Uber drivers

7/16/2015 Palm Beach Letting Uber Police Itself; Cabbies Angry

7/15/2015 Commission fines 1 ride-sharing company in Tampa

7/14/2015 Limos worry public safety is at risk if Palm Beach County allows non-taxis to police themselves

7/6/2015 Uber to cease operations in Broward County; will continue in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade

6/22/2015 NYC taxi commission OKs new app rules for Uber, Lyft

6/22/2015 Uber Data Collection Changes Should Be Barred, Privacy Group Urges

6/17/2015 California pokes big hole in Uber’s business model

6/17/2015 Labor ruling puts dent in Uber’s ‘independent’ taxi model

6/3/2015 NYC taxis are going high-tech to compete with Uber

5/28/2015 Should Uber be banned?

5/28/2015 NYC: Uber, city taxi officials clash at public hearing over proposed car service rules

5/26/2015  Ride-Service Roundup: What’s Happening With Uber and Lyft Around the U.S. and the World

5/26/2015 How a Florida fender-bender could threaten Uber’s business model

5/25/2015 NYC Uber drivers converting cars to yellow taxis

5/22/2015  Florida says former Uber driver is an employee, threatening its business model

5/20/2015 County adds hurdles to legacy car services

5/11/2015 Uber insurance ‘coverage gap’ leaves questions about who pays for problems

5/6/2015 Uber ride service driver, passenger OK after rollover crash near airport

5/6/2015 The Uber battle continues in Florida

5/5/2015 Uber Gets Preferential Treatment From Palm Beach County Commissioners, Lawsuit Claims

5/5/2015  Broward County puts law and public safety ahead of Uber’s economic interests

5/5/2015 Uber petition asks Florida to take up bill in special session

4/29/2015 Broward County passes new rules for Uber, taxis

4/29/2015 Broward passes Uber law despite company’s threat to leave county

4/28/2015 Uber bill stalls as Florida House adjourns

4/28/2015 Uber ultimatum: Pass law, we’ll leave Broward

4/28/2015 Uber Supporters Want Commission To Vote Against Ordinance

4/27/2015 Uber, Lyft bill postponed from reaching Gov. Rick Scott’s desk

4/27/2015 Uber bill parked in Florida House

4/27/2015 Uber drivers may have to contend with new Florida laws

4/25/2015 Uber insurance bill passes Senate

4/25/2015 House postpones vote on Uber insurance bill

4/22/2015 Senate Uber insurance bill advances with new tweaks amid debate

4/21/2015 Everything You Need to Know About Ridesharing Insurance 

4/21/2015 Uber fails to win first round in push for new Miami-Dade rules

4/14/2015 Broward County defers vote on Uber, Lyft rules

3/25/2015 Florida Limo, Taxi associations drive home consumer safety message

3/25/2015 City Has “Uber” Decision To Make

3/25/2015 Limos, Taxis Support Proposed Uber Regulations

3/25/2015 Capitol latest scene of battle between Uber and taxis

3/25/2015 Jeff Brandes and Matt Gaetz make their case

3/25/2015 Taxis are Uber Mad

3/25/2015 Capitol latest scene of battle between Uber and taxis

3/25/2015 Taxi companies: Ride-sharing companies breaking rules

3/25/2015 State lawmakers discuss Uber, other services

3/25/2015 Rhode Island lawmakers ask why Uber isn’t paying sales tax

3/25/2015 Insurance requirements may be on the way for ride-sharing companies in Florida

3/24/2015 Uber drivers would require professional qualifications under new bills

3/23/2015 UN Women Breaks Off Partnership with Uber

3/20/2015 Uber following county rules at PBIA, airport officials say

3/20/2015 Should Uber have to insure its contracted drivers?

3/17/2015 Uber sued by Jupiter motorcyclist over recent wreck

3/10/2015 Uber allowed to operate in Palm Beach County with some regulations

3/10/2015 Uber gets temporary deal to stay in Palm Beach County

2/15/2015   Legislation filed that would allow Uber, Lyft to operate legally in Florida

2/25/2015  Regulators punt decision on allowing ride-booking service

2/25/2015 House, Senate Uber bills clash

2/10/2015 Cabdrivers press N.J. lawmakers to rein in ride-sharing services

2/10/2015  Broward County votes to regulate Uber, Lyft as taxi services

2/9/2015 Uber reps: Regulating Uber like taxis ‘just doesn’t make sense’

2/9/2015  Will Uber follow Broward laws?

2/9/2015 Limo owners say rich, poor both benefit from minimum fare law

2/3/2015 Palm Beach County agrees to try to strike deal with Uber

1/27/2015  Safety concerns raised about Uber, Lyft; Palm Beach Co. Commission holds workshop

1/27/2015  Local cab drivers want Uber to play fair

1/26/2015 Taxi Medallions Are Safe Because Uber Will Implode

1/25/2015 Denied conflict-of-interest waiver, lobbying firm drops Miami-Dade County to represent Uber

1/23/2015 Uber Drivers Hold Strike Over Discounts

1/23/2015 Crackdown continues on Uber drivers for operating illegally in Palm Beach County

1/17/2015 Indian woman allegedly raped by Uber driver plans to sue taxi service in US courts

1/16/2015 Uber and Traditional Cab Companies Continue Fight Over Regulations in Broward

1/15/2015 Lyft suspends Columbus Ohio operations

1/13/2015 Broward Commissioners Consider Lifting Regulations on Uber and Cab Companies

1/13/2015 Marco Rubio Argues Uber Turns Students Into Free Market Conservatives

1/13/2015 Broward Commissioners Vote To Regulate Uber, Lyft

1/7/2015 Uber faces limited suspension in NYC for noncompliance

1/7/2015 Did Broward County commissioners cave on Uber?

1/6/2015 Broward: to Uber or not to Uber

1/6/2015 Everything You Need to Know About Ridesharing Insurance   

1/5/2015 Hillsborough sends letter ordering Uber, Lyft to stop

12/26/2014 Florida Taxicab Association to Uber, Lyft: Stop operations immediately

12/26/2014 Uber’s tumultuous ups and downs in 2014

12/25/2014 Uber slapped with suit by 45 Philadelphia taxi companies

12/25/2014  Uber CEO criminally charged in South Korea

12/17/2014 Women in two sexual assaults used Uber

12/17/2014 The inside story of how the Uber-Portland negotiations broke down

12/17/2014 After a spate of bad press for Uber, some turn back to traditional taxicabs

12/16/2014  Uber and Lyft wage regulatory battles in South Florida

12/15/2014 Taxi and Limo companies address Uber

12/15/2014 Local taxi, limousine drivers take issue with Uber

12/11/2014 Things Are Going Downhill Fast for Uber

12/11/2014 Why Uber’s Rape Scandal Is More Than a “growing Pain”

12/10/2014 How Uber Breaks the Rules (And Why You Should Care)

12/10/14 Uber sued over unlawful business practices; Lyft settles              

12/10/2014  Uber’s System for Screening Drivers Draws Scrutiny

12/10/2014 Uber Under Attack Around the Globe

12/10/2014 Uber Blocked From Brazil to California as Hurdles Mount

12/9/2014 Uber’s Recent Setbacks Could Spell Big Trouble

12/9/2014 Uber’s System for Screening Drivers Draws Scrutiny

12/9/2014 Worldwide Pushback Against Uber Could Spell Trouble For Ridesharing Startup

12/8/2014 Orlando officials want Uber to charge 25 percent more than taxis

12/8/2014 City of Portland asks judge to stop Uber

12/1/2014 Uber hiring rush includes positions in South Florida

11/28/2014 Uber’s app is malware

11/28/2014 Two Uber passengers robbed during ride

11/27/2014 Uber disables app, stops rideshares in wake of Nevada court ruling

11/21/2014 The Case for Lyft and Uber in Broward County

11/19/2014 Uber driver ‘attacks’ cancer patient

11/19/2014 Riding Dirty: How Uber Takes Drivers and Passengers for a Ride | Nailed It!

11/19/2014 Sen. Al Franken goes after Uber

11/18/2014 Florida airport sues Uber

11/18/2014 Uber Exec in Hot water

11/16/2014 Orlando police target ride-sharing drivers by informing insurance companies

11/5/2014 Florida Limo Groups Unite In Fight Against TNCs

10/29/2014 Lyft pulling up stakes unless paid ride rules change

10/23/2014 ABC7 Extra: Watch out for Uber driver impostors

10/22/2014 Uber suspends operations in Tuscaloosa

10/22/2014 Mass. taxi group forms to take on Uber, Lyft

10/21/2014 Prosecution of Lyft, Uber drivers going forward in fits and starts

10/21/2014 Uber Drivers Of NY To Strike Instead Of Protest On Wednesday

10/21/2014 Beware Of Imposter Uber Drivers

10/20/2014 Locals weigh in on Uber failing grade

10/16/2014 Car chase: Broward goes after Uber drivers

10/16/2014 State regulator says Uber meets Florida insurance requirement

10/1/2014 Why Uber & Lyft Could Be Bad News

10/1/2014 Is Uber’s Business Model Screwing Its Workers?

9/26/2014 District Attorneys: Uber, Lyft Are “Operating Illegally”

9/25/2014 Uber driver arrested after putting hand inside passenger’s blouse

9/21/2014 Palm Beach County starts fines for Uber drivers

9/19/2014 Uber expands service in Orlando

9/19/2014 Uber starts hiring in Southwest Florida

9/17/2014 Tuscaloosa police charge Uber driver

9/18/2014 Uber must face lawsuit over gratuity charge: court ruling

9/12/2014 California: Uber can’t operate carpooling service

9/11/2014 Rideshare Services Being Ticketed Again at LAX After Lapse

9/11/2014 Blind riders sue Uber, allege discrimination

9/5/2014 The Truth about Uber and Lyft, from an Ex-Cabbie

9/5/2014 Starbucks’ iOS app lets you hail an Uber to get your caffè latte

9/4/2014 New Orleans City Council approves rules for apps like Uber

9/2/2014 Uber driver pulled gun


9/2/2014 Miami-Dade County delays decision on Uber

8/23/2014 Uber Teams Up With United Airlines

8/22/2014 Orlando Airport cracks down on Uber

8/22/2014 Uber dodges Pennsylvania ban

8/22/2014 Palm Beach County starts fines for Uber drivers

8/20/2014  NLA Releases Paper Critical Of TNCs

8/19/2014 Uber hires former Obama campaign manager

8/19/2014  Signs point to Uber expansion on Florida’s Gulf Coast

8/8/2014 Uber ride-share launch stirs controversy

8/7/2014 Uber launches in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach

7/10/2014 Man visiting D.C. says Uber driver too him for a wild ride

7/7/2014 Why Uber is Un-American

6/26/2014 Family of S.F. girl killed by Uber driver backs insurance law

The Liu Complaint is also attached along with the complaints for the following cases in which Uber is being sued for damages arising from personal injures incurred as a result of an Uber trip:

Herrera, et al.  v. Uber Technologies, Inc., et al., Case No. CGC-13-536211

–          Plaintiffs are passengers who were injured during Uber trip

Ryan Lawrence v. Uber Technologies, Inc., Case No. CGC-13-535949

–          Plaintiff is a pedestrian bystander injured by driver on Uber trip

Fahrbach v. Uber Technologies, Inc., Case No. CGC-13-533103

–          Plaintiff is a pedestrian injured when driver on Uber trip hit another vehicle which also struck a fire hydrant

6/25/2014 Is Uber keeping Riders Safe?

6/22/2014 Miami-dade continues to deal with ride-for-hire

6/12/2014  Cabbies to Miami-Dade: Jail Lyft, UberX drivers

5/14/2014 Uber fails in attempt to expand through Florida

5/6/2014 Uber Promises to Continue to push for Taxi, Limo Deregulation

5/2/2014 Zipcar takes on Uber with one-way rental service

4/15/2014 Federal Lawsuit filed against Uber

4/8/2014 Uberx is Killing Cab Industry

4/8/2014 Florida Senate to look at bill aimed at expanding Uber car service

4/7/2014 CA Insurance Commissioner to CPUC

4/1/2014 Uber gets support from new Boston Mayor

3/27/2014  Uber considers Orlando

3/24/2014 Rubio climbs aboard Uber Bandwagon

3/21/2014  Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association letter to Senator Rubio

3/20/2013 In Lawsuit, women said UBER driver fondled , harasad her…

Truth About Uber website

2/24/2014  Statewide Poll against Uber

FL Senate Bill for Chauffeured Limousine Rules SB1618  2014

FL Senate Uber Bill HB 1389   2014

2/20/2014 Invasion of the Taxi snatchers: Uber Leads an Industry Disruption

2/10/2014  Ubers Liability Gap Worry Insurers

Uber’s Daisy Chain Limo Insurance Scam

Why Uber Did Not Make The Most Innovative Companies List

Uber on Jimmy Kimmel

1/30/2014  Miami taxi to get technology upgrade

1/27/2014  Delay in approving luxury-car service embarrassment

12/23/2013 Uber Illegal under Houston ordinance

12/17/2013 Uber rethinks Miami

11/27/2013 MIA taxi complaints -time for change

11/25/2013 Uber customer claims driver assaulted him in San Francisco

11/24/2013 Editorial  Miami should update regulations

11/13/13 Miami Uber meeting – youtube

11/13/13 Taxi Drivers Plead With Commission For Changes

11/12/2013 Taxi Cab Drivers’ Extreme Working Conditions

11/11/2013 Does Miami need Uber

9/23/2013 improve cab and sedan service for visitors, locals

9/22/2013  Taxi market needs competition

9/23/2013 overhaul needed of industry

11/2/2013  Oklahoma limo companies file complaints

11/1/2013  Dallas complaints

10/29/2013 uber app complaints

10/31/2013 Uber CEO admits to growing pains

10/31/2013  Ads for Uber service in Jacksonville start before law is changed to allow operation