Who Should Join Florida Limousine Association?

Florida Limousine Association serves all for-hire livery transportation companies. Our focus on this segment of the industry allows us to provide our contributors with additional resources and support specific to the needs of businesses using independent contractors, operators and employees within the State of Florida.

Membership Fee: (By Listing Rank)


  • $100 Operator A: 1-3 Car Operator
  • $200 Operator B: 4-10 Car Operator
  • $300 Operator C: 11-20 Car Operator


  • $400 Operator D: 21+ Car Operator
  • $150 Operator E: Out of State/Networking Member


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Please note that you can also pay with a check. Click Here to download and print the registration form, then complete and mail the form along with your check for the appropriate contribution level amount to the FLA office (the address is listed in Contact Us page).

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