On Friday Oct 25th 2013 the Broward County Aviation Dept held a public meeting regarding the upcoming changes going before the Board of County Commissioners regarding FLL’s Ground Transportation Program including the proposed Fort Lauderdale Airport AVI Decals and the per trip fees.

The meeting was moderated my John O”Hara Airport Manager, Landside Operation. The Airport is making substantial changes in the way FHV’s we be permitted to operate there. The airport is instituting an AVI system similar to the one that has been in place at Miami Airport. They expect to have the AVI system fully operational by April 1st 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to get public feedback concerning the decal fees as well as the transponder fees.

This is what has been proposed:

Type & Number of Passengers
1-5 pass sedans

6-14 pass vehicles

15-19 pass vehicles

20-27 pass vehicles

28+ Vehicles

Hotel Courtesy Vehicles

Baggage Trailers

Annual Decal fee









Per Trip charge



The taxi’s will be moved from current taxi lot at the NW corner of the airport and this lot will be made available to all commercial vehicles as a holding lot allowing you to wait on the airport property for your customers who have requested a curbside greet. All buses and motor coaches will be moved to the top level freeing up curbside for specially designated areas for pre arranged cars to meet their customers.

Customers desiring a meet and greet inside the terminal will be directed to newly constructed Information Booths which will be operated in a joint venture between B&L Services and Standard Parking. The information booth will be split in two sections with representatives from Go Transportation operating one side of the booth and representatives from B& L Services and Standard Parking operating the other side (the prearranged side) of the Booth. Companies and drivers will be required to inform the information booth of their arriving customer by phone or email and when the system is fully operational the customer’s name will be displayed at the information booth and the driver will meet his customer at the information booth. It is the airports hope that this system will cut down on the illegal activities that take place at the airport. Every terminal will have one of these information booths (at a cost of $500,000 each) and these booths are expected to be staffed 20 hours per day, during regular flight times.

Please get back to me with your comments and suggestions on these proposed changes. The FLA (Palm Beach and Broward County Chapters ) are looking at ways to modify this proposal and your input and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Rick Versace

Florida Limousine Association
Tel. (561) 702-3522