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Open the attached links to see a whole panoply of Anti-UBER articles. These would be very useful to forward to regulators and politicians who are swooning to the UBER siren song for fast track approval of their unsafe underinsured “Rideshare” program.

These articles were gathered or written by the Taxi Limousine and Paratransit Association (TLPA). Like us, they are busy complying with all the taxes, laws, permit fees, expensive insurance and mountain of hoops to jump through just to be licensed to transport passengers for hire while the interloper UBER sails in and gets a free pass from 90% of what we have to do.

You may or may not have noticed that in the Houston Federal RICO Lawsuit against UBER that several Limo companies were also listed as the plaintiffs along with the Taxi companies..

It has never been more important for our two industries to work together to shut down the illegal rogue, gypsy outfits of UBER, Lyft and Sidecar. When you have time, check out their website,

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Anti-UBER articles

4/8/2014 Uberx is Killing Cab Industry

4/8/2014 Florida Senate to look at bill aimed at expanding Uber car service

4/7/2014 CA Insurance Commissioner to CPUC

4/1/2014 Uber gets support from new Boston Mayor

3/27/2014 Uber considers Orlando

3/24/2014 Rubio climbs aboard Uber Bandwagon

3/21/2014 Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association letter to Senator Rubio

3/20/2013 In Lawsuit, women said UBER driver fondled , harasad her…

Truth About Uber website

2/24/2014 Statewide Poll against Uber

FL Senate Bill for Chauffeured Limousine Rules SB1618 2014

FL Senate Uber Bill HB 1389 2014

2/20/2014 Invasion of the Taxi snatchers: Uber Leads an Industry Disruption

2/10/2014 Ubers Liability Gap Worry Insurers

Uber’s Daisy Chain Limo Insurance Scam

Why Uber Did Not Make The Most Innovative Companies List

Uber on Jimmy Kimmel

1/30/2014 Miami taxi to get technology upgrade

1/27/2014 Delay in approving luxury-car service embarrassment

12/23/2013 Uber Illegal under Houston ordinance

12/17/2013 Uber rethinks Miami

11/27/2013 MIA taxi complaints -time for change

11/25/2013 Uber customer claims driver assaulted him in San Francisco

11/24/2013 Editorial Miami should update regulations

11/13/13 Miami Uber meeting – youtube

11/13/13 Taxi Drivers Plead With Commission For Changes

11/12/2013 Taxi Cab Drivers’ Extreme Working Conditions

11/11/2013 Does Miami need Uber

9/23/2013 improve cab and sedan service for visitors, locals

9/22/2013 Taxi market needs competition

9/23/2013 overhaul needed of industry

11/2/2013 Oklahoma limo companies file complaints

11/1/2013 Dallas complaints

10/29/2013 uber app complaints

10/31/2013 Uber CEO admits to growing pains

10/31/2013 Ads for Uber service in Jacksonville start before law is changed to allow operation